Gallery: June 12 — Trub & Fankhaus

Herewith the first days of my (proportionally) long stay in the Emmental.

In Trub, I stayed in another Sternen. This was my room.

It was large, with this L-extension for the sink area.

Looking out the window to the grounds of a school and the countryside beyond.

An awesome little car in the parking lot.

Here, on the next morning, we see the wings under which the Gasthof Löwen takes its guests.

Up in the center of the village of Trub: an unusually shallow-roofed wing of a house.

Stabilization brackets, I guess, on the corner of a building.

Parish house of the church. Nice fusion of Lower Bernese tradition and modernistic elements.

An electricity substation with its own Ründi roof.

Sometimes the huge Emmentaler hipped roofs have an almost sci-fi-like quality.

Complex compound roof brace angles.

Another cut-off roof corner where the road impinges.

Another huge roof. I like how the ramp is grass-covered.

Sleepy pidge. It was in an aviary just to the side of the road.

This one goes out to Butch Graves.

This was beside a trail up in the woods above the roads and fields. I'm not sure whether it's firewood or what.

Some absolutely colossal lumber. I think I counted something like 150 rings in this log.

This house is rather unusual because it has perpendicular wings rather than one monolithic mass.

Count the number of floors and then extrapolate for the roof — this Bauernhof could be six stories high! It's wholly enormous!

Yep. (I don't actually remember why I included this one. But here it is.)

The back of the Sternen.