Gallery: June 13+ — Risisegg, Trubschachen, Längengrund

I bushwhacked up the slope (it was intense) to the east of Trub village, up to open fields with scattered farms, and hiked along the high road and eventually down to Trubschachen, the next, rather larger, town downstream from Trub.

A bridge over the stream flowing by Trub that leads to trails up the ridge. Note the railing on just one side.

Another fence eaten by a tree.

View atop the ridge: the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, the crowning mountains of the Berner Oberland. I was quite surprised to see them because the Emmental is miles and miles away and there's no hint of them in the valleys. But of course they are very high mountains, so it makes some sense that they'd be visible from the ridge.

It was breezy up there and the fields of grain had that poignant shimmery quality that they get under such circumstances.

Two ramps! Hot dog.

The road I hiked on down to Trubschachen; note the switchbacks: this is a view back up whence I descended.

Targets for a shooting gallery. I forget whether the gallery itself was across the road I was walking down from the targets. Whenever this was the case, I was a bit uneasy.

Yet another roof cutoff.

Fountain sculpture in a park in Trubschachen.

Enormous façade & Ründi in Trubschachen.

Another painted-on church clock, quite elegant.

Covered bridge on the road back toward Trub.

Interior of the covered bridge.

I like the heavy-duty wood construction of this bridge and sidewalk.

Lumberyard infrastructure along the road.

This house has the award for Proportionally Widest Roof Hip Ever.

The Sternen on approach from the south.

These last pics are actually from the last day in Trub, but I included them here because they're the only other Trub shots. This is the sunrise. My sense of direction was a little turned here and it seemed like the sun was rising due north.

A little house on the open hill above Trub. I hiked up by it early on and it seemed quite idyllic.