Gallery: June 9 — Upper Diemtigtal

This was the furthest up the Diemtigtal (Fildrich branch) that I reached.

Woodland chapel (seen in the Churches page of the report).

Nice details on the porch outside the apse of the chapel.

Side of the chapel.

There are many buildings named ERICA in the area and elsewhere and I still am not sure why.

Cow at cow drinking fountain, I believe this is.

View from my lunch spot, looking toward the eastern face of the Schwarzenberg. It was quite brisk up there, low 50s (Fahrenheit), which contrasted pleasantly with the rather hot weather that had been common until then.

Terraces, courtesy of cows.

An imposing building of Lower Bernese massing but very much Diemtigtaler decoration.

Environmental sculpture.

I forget what these were for, but you can see that there was an info board explaining about it, which is a cool idea, I think. It may have been for an erosion control system.

Back corner of the eave of a house on the lower side of this road. I think this was the first time I'd seen a roof coming this close to being subterranean.