Gallery: July 7 — Wiler

After that, still on the same day, I went to the adjacent town of Wiler to document it. It was a busy day.

There was this excellent lichen on a wall along the road.

Here it is in context.

Another Erika, as mysterious as ever.

These masks, a famous Lötschentaler cultural tradition, are meant for warding off evil, I think, but they are pretty freaky themselves.

Tiered buildings, of various ages, it appears.

New construction — masonry rather than Blockbau.

I like the muntin patterns of the windows at the rear of this house to the left.

Fine-grained shingles, an very unusual sight in the Lötschental, as opposed to the Emmental or Appenzell.

Old-style slates with some pretty sharp snowcatchers.

A well-weathered façade with a cool, sort of mysterious beam cap.

By that time in the afternoon, the clouds had started to part nicely.

Red flowers on the balcony in the evening.

Pink evening balcony flowers.

White evening balcony flowers.

I think this is the Bietschhorn, partially covered by orographic clouds in the last sunlight on the peaks, while it was already deep twilight in the valley.