Gallery: June 16 — Emmenmatt, Lauperswil

This page and the next both concern themselves with a long day I spent hiking through towns downstream from Langnau. I took the train to Emmenmatt to start out.

A house uphill from the Emmenmatt station, with a sort of strange quality, mostly, I think, because of the ruddy, glossy finish of its walls.

A lovely little diverse patch of flowers near the station.

Double eave! I'm not totally sure what the story is here.

A cool covered walkway in a construction yard.

Compound bracket eave with a whole lot of stuff stored within, which was surprisingly unusual.

Lean-to, also rather unusual for the area.

Cheesery: watch out!

This ramp is pretty great because of the way it rises up out of the land and also because you can see clear through the barn.

Wide-open country on the way to Lauperswil.

Modern concrete ramp.

An unusual unsloped dormer-like ramp.

Huge open-roofed Bauernhof.

Roof tile details.

A lovely carriageway for a hotel in Lauperswil.

Another six-story Bauernhof. Intense!

A complex with two splayed projecting wings: just one more unusual sight from the day.