Gallery: June 16 — Rüderswil, Ramsei, Zollbrück

The Emmenmatt-to-Zollbrück hike continued.

The two flower colors in this meadow were really striking, as you can see.

House with a Pennsylvania-red wing.

At one point the trail led up this long stairway from one level of flat fields up to another.

At the top of the stairs was this bench, where I had lunch.

This point on this road reminded me of a nice New England town. Earlier, in the village of Lauperswil, I'd had a Bermuda-like sensation, probably from the balmy breeze.

Im 1729 Jahr — note the starry underside of the Ründi, similar to the Diemtigtaler motif.

Nice contemporary construction.

Heavy roof accretion.

A funny little dormery guy on a barn.

Big ol' arch-suspension bridge over (I think) the Emme. Pretty cool.

I think this work had something to do with rail, but I'm not quite sure.

From a ridge near Ramsei. The land begins to get flatter in this area, closer to the plains around the city of Bern, compared to the high hills around Trub.

Double cross roofs.

Roof cutoff! Also note the tiny wall cutoff as well.