The brainchild of four dudes, Taste No Evil started as a humor column for the ConVal High School newspaper. After graduating from colleges in 2006, a couple of us decided that the world again needed to be subjected to had suffered too long without our brand of humor. So we decided to do something outside the box. The box of gainful employment. Enjoy.

A Note About the Tooltips.

This sentence is a gigantic self-referent hint containing the implication that you should always roll your cursor over pictures and look at the tooltip that appears because it elevates your understanding of the contents to a whole new plane of enlightenment and chuckles. The Drawer suggests that you also check out such standouts of the tooltip-comic genre as Achewood, Dinosaur Comics, Wondermark, and XKCD.

About the Pics of the Week.

Each Pic of the Week is entirely mouse tablet-drawn in Adobe Illustrator. In particular, all the writing in the Pics of the Week is mouse tablet-drawn. The Drawer, an aspiring type designer, takes pride in this.

About the, Loosely Defined As Such, Writing.

Each Article of the Time Period is entirely keyboard-written in Microsoft Word. In particular, all the punctuation in the Article of the Time Period is keyboard-written. The Writer, an aspiring bull$#!+ artist, takes pride in this.